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Hauraki Gulf : 15 November 2019

All maps used are created by LINZ / New Zealand Hydrographic Authority and made available by Creative Commons 3.0. Maps should not be used for navigation

Christmas hustle and bustle is certainly already evident, by land with the ever increasing flow(?) of Auckland traffic, the rush of getting ‘it’ done before Christmas, and by sea - the inner gulf area bombardment of when wildlife collides, birds fish and mammals.

It’s snow-storm like some days as the wandering whirlwind of white birds track their fishy prey around the various hotspots at the time, primarily in that 20-35m depth. Different workups can hold quite different species of fish at times – so not always will snapper there be!

The mighty kingfish is almost caught as a surprise more often than targeted (or admitted to) over the greater areas of the gulf, particularly where there is or has been recent workup action. Kingfish are amazing with their fascination of kahawai, kingfish literally half the size of kahawai eyeballing and hassling with intent no end.

Kings are in amongst the inner area workups, right by Rakino/Rangitoto, Tamaki Strait. Further out into the 50m depths of the Gulf there are those beautiful blue mackerel baitschools – where they are, there are definitely bigger predators! So see a bait school on the sounder, think-King.

Keen on catching kingfish this summer? Come along to the Catch seminar next week and find out how to target and catch these fine fish, what to look for, where, what to use – and options to turn chasers into strikes.

So what’s new for you this season that’s now well underway?

Getting into the thrills of fishing ‘slow pitch’ that’s all the rage?

Or figuring out which of the many new soft-baits are the right ammo for your next fish hunt?

How about getting addicted to the fishing visuals of top water (stick baits/poppers/Squidwings) whether boat or land-based.

Perhaps delving into the weird and exhilarating world of microjigs and light tackle? Or simply enjoying setting the twin hooks on your favourite inchiku hybrid and bringing home fresh fish at its finest for the family?

Aye the world is your oyster right now in terms of being able to enjoy the great outdoors at our very doorsteps.

The importance of at least the three most prominent people in your life cannot be under-estimated, after all they’ve spent their lives with you too i.e. Me, Myself and I!

This means rewarding ourselves accordingly with welcome and useful presents, or combine all 3 personalities into a rod and reel combo with a box of the latest high-tech lures?

Fun times ahead this summer, the fishing has been epic so far this Spring.

A quick guide for jig weight to start your day fishing:

What water depth are you fishing in?
Times x 2 = the weight in grams of jigs/lures to use. Which then determines the ideal rod (those lure weight numbers are written on them). So 40metres = 80gram jig, easy.

And quick ‘n easy 60 seconds on ‘How to rig softbaits’ is here:

Maybe you’ll get to see the look on the face of a novice or budding young angler you introduce to fishing on holiday, at a wharf, off the rocks or in the ubiquitous tiny tinny around the coastline somewhere over the summer? The amazement and sheer thrills experienced is something else. If you get have a chance – pass it on.

The best way to introduce an angler of any age? Let the new angler choose their favourite colour of your Freestyle Kaburas, mix ‘n match with their choice of the colourful buoyant skirts, then let the fun begin! The Freestyle Kabura lure is simply perfect for introducing novices into the magical world of lure fishing, bait free.

(Please Note: In a workup – Kaburas? They work great, but should not be the first choice. There are much better options such as slow pitch jigs rigged with barbless hooks)

Enjoy your fishing


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