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Hauraki Gulf 16th June
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Some say winter is the best fishing, with its crystal clear skies, fat fish and when motivated the often super well-conditioned fish can be very aggressive on the bite, yes indeed it’s hard to beat a great day out on a clear winter’s day catching fish.

There's been some really good snapper fishing west of Anchorite rock and further north around the 'fingers' lately. Typical solid winter fish, nice and fat. The fingers can be a little bit of a hike from central Auckland but the broad reef systems around the area can really produce when there's a bit of current this time of year.

Inshore areas e.g. the mussel farms by Coromandel and up around the Happy Jacks have been fishing well the past couple of weeks, snapper and some great schools of kahawai to enjoy as well.

Yes, kahawai are on the menu big time, and if you like smoked fish pie, it should be in your sights right now too.

Can you smell that gorgeous mouth-watering aroma wafting around the back yard as the smoker does its thing?

Taste buds on overdrive…mmm, freshly smoked kahawai, hard to beat.

Whatever smoker type or process you have or prefer, there’s something extra special about going out, targeting kahawai and bringing home such an outstanding fish, both in terms of enjoyment factor, and food factor. Another great thing about our kahawai (or salmon in Australia), is they can be caught by a variety of means, in lots of different places, providing outstanding adventures for young anglers, and whether the weather is playing the game, or not.

Tucked in the lee out of the wind if it’s blowing, or land-based, often with sunscreen required with that bright crystal clear sky, a cool wind and a blissful few hours spent trying to tame some hard charging kahawai.

Have you tried finding a likely spot, simply anchoring and letting the burley flow out the back, using your really light tackle  – casting around on your softbait gear for instance. A small softbait or microjig  is a great way to go, highly effective too, and you can practice your backhand casts while you’re at it.

Ever tried a little 20gm Zingaz stickbait – too much fun as you sight-cast and see the kahawai attack and hook up right at the surface, extra thrill factor. An excellent, and easy way to start stickbaiting or practice your stickbait technique, ready for kingfish, highly recommended. Last week the mussel farms were alive with them, a great place for bagging a few, no burley needed.

Looking after these meaty kahawai for the table really pays off, a good method is a bat to the head for instant humane expiry. Then cut the throat artery, the heart happily pumps away the excess blood for a minute or so, and even at this time of year – put straight into salt ice, absolute primo!

Grab a can of coconut milk from your local  supermarket, and a few lemons from a neighbourhood tree for a big bowl of ‘island style’ raw fish, hey why not make a night of it and put on a floral shirt, a Youtube video of diving Fiji or wherever and enjoy an evening on paradise island, at home – with the fire or heaters cranking 😊

Sashimi, smoked, curry or ceviche, top notch winter fishing, and fish, get into it.


Yes, here’s a wonderful opportunity, come along and enjoy learning more about catching your favourite fish 100% bait and burley free – for even better fish than you do now. Sound good? It will be - see you there, July 11 5:45pm, Fish City Albany Auckland, ph. Fish City Albany on 09 4764282, seats are limited so book now and don’t miss out!

A nice winter snapper hits the deck from out at the fingers



Captain Espresso


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