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Hauraki Gulf: 19th October 2023
Note: If map is showing it is created by LINZ / New Zealand Hydrographic Authority and made available by Creative Commons 3.0. Maps should not be used for navigation

Local Hauraki Gulf hits and misses. North and NE of Tiri to Kawau area, Moehau range, Whangaparoa, Noises, Rangi channel, Motuhie, Tamaki Strait

The area north and NE of Tiri to Kawau has seen excellent fishing, with numerous birds typically hovering around the area just outside the cable zone, indicating good general area snapper fishing without the need to venture too far. Similarly, in the eastern gulf, while birds are active, they're spread over vast areas; however, dropping anchor under the Moehau range often results in a catch. Softbaits, especially the larger 10-inch versions, are proving effective, targeting the larger fish, as evidenced by Joe Burrell's impressive snapper this week. Dolphins have been making periodic appearances around this area and along the Whangaparaoa peninsula, sometimes venturing down the bays – a delightful sight for those on the coast.

For those elusive fish, especially around the full moon at month's end, using a lighter leader can transform tentative nibbles into successful catches. Interested in inner channel fishing? Now's the time to start. Grubtail softbaits are ideal for this environment. By gently dragging your softbait through the inshore mud, its tail pointing upwards due to its buoyancy, and giving the rod a slight jerk to stir up the mud, you can attract snapper. Locations like Noises, Rangi channel, Motuhie, and even the Tamaki strait are ripe for exploration. Further out, it's a spectacle with young dolphins frolicking and distant whales spouting – a sight to behold when the wind calms, and the whales are amidst baitfish. We're hopeful for some thrilling action between Flat Rock and Little Barrier.

Curly Tail Softbaits Fish Eye View

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