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Hauraki Gulf - 22 Sept 2023
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The Espresso fishing report for the Hauraki Gulf from Grant Bittle

Percolating like an old school coffee maker, Spring is bubbling and bursting into life out there, full on mode, at times.

Workups are having a whale of a time out past Anchorite still, turn your sounder off to help stop annoying the whales and dolphins who hunt and maintain the workup using sound - their own echo-location, add a bit of extra-awareness as you move around carefully and you’ll be into some good sized snapper and kingfish keen on mechanical jigs in attendance, along with a few other welcome combatants.

Water temperatures eking upwards bring promise of more good tidings to come and this summer should be a cracker for fishing. La Nina already taking effect will bring a longer hotter drier summer, more westerly wind tendency, yes sounds like much better summer coming right up, imminent. Like many the excitement is already building with (fishing) vacation plans well underway as they should be, time to make up for the fishing time of the past few summer seasons.

There’s something about the pleasure and ubiquitous nature of fishing that really does show just how around the world, enjoyment of what fishing brings crosses any language barrier and much more, fishing thrills and enjoyment is the same wherever you may be. How about Croatia – to the right of Italy across a nice bit of fishy looking water, and good keen anglers doing their thing over there just like you ‘n me. And what do you know but choosing and using the Catch Eels in the stunning waters there. The fishing world is a small and great place to share stories, information and good times.

There’re quite a few local fishing competitions coming up, and more to be announced soon so get your fishing calendar out and get into them again, fun times, great people, good fishing and epic prize giving’s too. Most competitions emphasis the enjoyment factor rather than full-on competition, and there’re all sorts to choose from, big game, small game, ladies only, kids only, inshore, offshore, local, regional and national. The time has come to surge forth out of the doldrums of winter, perk up and get into the wonderful world of fishing and all that it entails.

Happy days are fishing days, in Croatia too!Manfred Werner (Redy).

Top picks right now:

1. Workups with big jigs (200gm and up, both slow pitched for snapper down low, and speed jigged back to the boat for kingfish, your choice of lure, but that Double Trouble is hard to beat. Anchorite and outwards with the whales (Brydes) there, happy places.

2. A straylining session with wind, tide and territory lined up. Casting out the back where the big boys tend to lurk – how about a stunning little 20-35gm stickbait to get them rising! Or a big 10inch Livie softbait hurled out the back on a 1/4oz jighead – just barely wafting down towards big snapper, or a microjig cast well out back on your spin gear and retrieved back to the boat through the burley trail (go up a bit in leader strength).

3. A few short hours of calm weather window – head out, and simply drift with a Beady Eye kabura (one wind off the bottom in Rod Holder can work wonders) while you cast around on your lightweight spin gear a little microjig, whether something like the 7gm Pocket Rocket or the 20gm Dominator , simple brilliant in the inshore areas.

Thank you, for the amazing feedback about The Espresso Reports, the Lure Coaching Seminars and to all of those who send in their fishing pictures to www.catchfishing.pro from around the world, simply epic stuff! From Rarotonga to Rangitoto, California to Croatia, the fishing world is a wonderful place.

Whatever your fishing preference, tick tock, the Spring clock down-under is ticking along whether you’re ready or not, so don’t miss out this summer, which can mean getting rid of the old/never used/rusty/inappropriate stuff, and possibly trimming down to just some good gear you know works and works where and how you fish, often less - is more. The right rod ‘n reel, a few lures in your shoulder bag/back pack and you’re away laughing.

Espresso out.

Stop Exotic Caulerpa!

Stop the spread of exotic caulerpa seaweed. If boating in the upper North Island, check your anchor and gear before moving location and if you find any seaweed, Bag it, Bin it! Legal controls are in place at Great Barrier Island, Great Mercury Island and Bay of Islands.


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