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Hauraki Gulf 23 Feb 2024
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Livie softbaits with that double hook rig – another excellent table fish for @JackHenry and John (pictured), prime snapper in great condition. Nice!

Abundant anchovies attracting a variety of fish close to shore, offering prime opportunities for anglers with lightweight gear to enjoy successful catches in the summer weather.

Whether you're a fan of eating anchovies or not, these small fish are currently the main attraction for a variety of marine predators, making them a key target for local anglers looking to boost their fishing success.

This week, thousands of anchovies congregated along the North Shore of Auckland, seemingly aware of the no-fishing zones, providing perfect opportunities for kayaks, dinghies, and skis to venture out and enjoy successful catches with lightweight spin gear. The presence of anchovies has led to enjoyable hookups with kahawai, mackerel, and some keeper snapper, creating an ideal summer fishing scenario. There's also potential for kingfish in these areas.

More of the good stuff from @JackHenry, healthy snapper on theLivie softbait , excellent summer fishing.

Better-conditioned snapper are being found closer to shore, where food is abundant. For those considering an overnight trip to Great Barrier, the edges have been more productive than deeper waters, with softbaits proving particularly effective. The top of the Coromandel has seen similar success, with a variety of softbait sizes attracting snapper, especially during early morning and late afternoon. For those near Channel Island or the Barrier, it's worth targeting kingfish through mechanical jigging, keeping an eye out for whales feeding in the area.

Anchovy-stuff fatties!

Kahawai have been abundant in some areas, providing excellent opportunities for sashimi and smoking. Interestingly, while some spots are teeming with kahawai feasting on anchovies, other expected locations are surprisingly empty. The mussel farms and the south end of Waiheke have been prime spots for observing anchovy activity, with similar scenes around the north side of Whangaparaoa Peninsula and Army Bay, making these areas ideal for kayak fishing enthusiasts.

This week's tackle picks:

1.    Big 10 inch Livies , double hook rigged for snapper, well presented on lightweight jigheads (see link below how to do it).

2.    And almost at the opposite end of the spectrum – teeny tiny 7gm Pocket Rocket (Tungsten) microjigs when fishing in and around the shoreline anchovies, so much fun!

 Not sure how to double hook rig your softbaits?

Here’s how: How to double hook rig softbaits

 Overall for snapper – fish the edges/shallows/closer to land for better snapper, softbaits the go-go!



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