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Hauraki Gulf 4 April 2024
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Heavy Metal, no skirts for more snapper less kahawai

It's prime fishing season in the Hauraki Gulf with anglers enjoying abundant snapper, superb land-based opportunites, kahawai, and mackerel, spurred on by the autumn workups.

Party time, yes indeed — both inshore and offshore fishing are in full swing, marking that perfect time of year to be out there. Not far off, just in the sweet spots like the Rangi channel, north shore bays, Tamaki Strait, and under the harbour bridge — all the beloved close positions for fishing. The waters are teeming with snapper, kahawai, and mackerel, their bellies eager for anchovies or already full. If you spot terns working the water, it's a good bet to fish there; but remember, snapper tend to linger longer than the fast-moving kahawai. It's time to drop those micro-jigs and small soft baits, bouncing them in the bottom half-metre of water, just off the mud — think MC Hammer, it's snapper time.

And let’s not overlook the land-based opportunities that pop up, from the Whangaparaoa Peninsula to the scenic drive from Thames to Coromandel. Here, fishing the very shoreline can offer superb results for the prepared and lucky angler.

Land-based jigging– party time right now

It's great to see the workups intensifying off the top of Waiheke and into the middle ground of the Gulf, driven by dolphins and gannets eagerly chasing their autumn feed. Workups moving at a higher speed often indicate kahawai in pursuit, ideal for those looking to smoke, slice up some sashimi, or sizzle skins on the BBQ. Currently full of roe, kahawai are biting aggressively, which is excellent news. If you're targeting snapper closer to the seabed, it's best to avoid skirts, tassels, and flasher materials, including kaburas, sliders, and slow descending inchikus — the more material there is to bite, the more likely kahawai will strike. Instead, opt for Heavy Metal: large jigs with minimal flasher material on bare hooks, or single hook slow pitch jigs, for a solid plan of attack. Here’s a quick tip to make most of your jigs drop faster and more directly.

Now that the autumn full moon has waned, good times and great fishing are upon us — it's time to pump up the volume for a birthday bash! Right, I’d love to sit and chat more, but I've got to go, bro' — there's fishing to be done, catching all sorts, inshore or further out. It's prime time.



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