Nelson / Marlborough

fishing report

Supplied by

Craig Tatnell

d’Urville Island Wilderness Resort

Nelson / Marlborough 10 November 2023
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Welcome to the first fishing update from d'Urville Island Wilderness Resort. We've seen impressive kingfish hauls lately and the usual rich variety of seafood for both anglers and spearfishers.

Welcome interested fishermen to our Inaugural report for Fishing World. Coming right to you from the amazing d'Urville Island.

d'Urville is considered to be one of the top fishing spots in NZ it takes advantage of being the most northern point of the South Island and it is virtually in the Cook Strait.
Most people access our resort and fishing charters through the French Pass.,but there a other options on how to get here.......touch base we will see you right.

October was a windy month and it marks the closure of our cod fishing grounds for spawning.
This gives us the opportunity to target the  other species of D'urville.  Our main catches are Kingfish, Cod, John Dory, Gurnard, Trevally, Terakihi, Rig, Snapper, Hapuka,

Lately we have had great charters. The most notable were Kingfish and these are mainly in the Pass itself. Drifting on currents up to  8 knots was hitting the mark. Last week four on board hooking up at once and the boat was buzzing.. When the jigs hit the bottom you have to be super careful not to snag and the trick is to keep the line moving.  We target kingies as they are such a sustainable fish and they release well plus they are such fun. We have also pulled in a few puka mainly off the top of Stephens Island.  The boat offers the opportunity to dive for Crays and Paua and Kina. There is a lot here for the spear fisherman too especially if butterfish is your thing. It really is such a seafood basket out here......and that is how we like to play it .....being super kind to our precious resource.

We have also had huge success for Trevally and Gurnard. Chetwoods area always fishes well for Gurnard..

In the off season we have been doing a bit of our own fishing and trying new spots and we have caught a few John Dory and the odd  Frostfish.

When we are not fishing we are looking after our guests. There is a couple of charter companies from Wellington who cross the Strait reguarly and they base themselves with us.

We are looking forward to the Snapper returning to us soon as the move down here from Tasman Bay.

So as you can see there is no shortage of fishing out here and we have exciting new plans to expand our charter operation shortly. We are currently relocating a 14m alloy beast from Western watch this space

With our season starting to heat up we will now contribute regularly do watch this space.

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Supplied by Craig Tatnell

D'Urville Island Wilderness Resort Fishing Report

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