Tairawhiti / Gisborne

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Amber Main & Mike Clarke

Touchwood Fishing Charters

Tairawhiti / Gisborne - 21 Sept 23
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An interview introduction to new fishing reporter Amber Clarke and Cory from Touchwood Fishing Charters in Gisborne

Cory from Touchwood Charters was introduced to us by current tackle sponsor Fishbites. We thought it was an ideal opportunity to start a new regional fishing report from the Tairawhiti Gisborne region, so we gave Amber a call on board. Here's what she had to say...

NZFW: “Can you tell me about your business and the mainstay of your charters at this time of year?”


“We primarily run bottom fishing charters between 40 and 120 meters. While we offer other options, our main trips involve bottom fishing with groups of 10, both private and jump-aboard.

“We also offer shared trips where individuals can join a group. Our standard offerings are 7-hour and 10-hour trips. Additionally, we've recently introduced harbour fishing trips tailored for children.”

“The main catch here are Snapper and Tarakihi. We also frequently catch Hapuka, Kingi, Gurnard, and Blue Cod.”

NZFW: “How has the early spring fishing been?


“It's been good. We've seen a strong mix of Tarakihi and Snapper. The Snapper, in particular, came in strong at the start of winter and have remained so, which is more than we've typically seen.

NZFW :“What do you anticipate in terms of fishing over the next two to three weeks?


“The Kingis have been scarce recently, so we're hoping for their return. We've spotted the occasional Puka, indicating they're coming in closer. We also expect Tarakihi to become more predominant.

“We also offer deep drop trips, but they're less frequent. Our primary locations are South Rocks, Eriel, and Morrisons, all within 12 nautical miles off the coast.

NZFW: “If someone non-local wants to join a trip, what should they know? What gear should they bring?


“We provide everything needed for fishing. This includes all gear, baiting hooks, and even filleting the catch, which is shared equally among the group. Our standard bottom fishing trips are 7 and 10 hours, while the children's harbour trips are 4 hours. We also offer overnight trips.

NZFW: “Do you have availability over the next two weeks?


“We're running trips daily due to the holidays starting next week. We offer a mix of harbour trips and jump-aboards, which are shared options. While our private charters are fully booked for the next two weeks, we still have slots on our shared trips.

“We're a friendly and accommodating team. We handle everything, from baiting to hooking. All our guests need to do is sit and fish. Over the next couple of weeks, we're optimistic about catching some nice Kingfish and decent Tarakihi.

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