Wellington / Kapiti

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Jason Grimmett

Wellington Kayak Fishing

Wellington 14 June 2024
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Catch 100 gram jig

Encounter with a large thresher shark and good kahawai fishing near Kapiti Island.

Our day starts early on the dive boat as we head north from Plimmerton to Kapiti Island, conducting a quick reconnaissance over Hunter's Reef but with no sign of activity. However, there were heaps of kahawai visible on the surface. We trolled and cast for kahawai to load up, as the boat owner particularly loves kahawai, which he refers to as "Steak."

As Pete and Shayne dived in, I knew I had about 40 minutes to fish, so I drifted around close by and spotted a good mid-water mark (unbeknownst to me, it was a thresher). I cast the paua power back and let it sink, then worked the jig.

About the sixth jerk, the jig got smashed, and it was go-time. I didn't know what it was, but it was powerful and fast. Watching the line spool off, I thought, "Damn, that's like 300m gone; got to chase it." I started the engine and turned to chase the fish to regain the line. Damn, it was fighting hard. As I tightened the drag on the new IRT 800DD to try to stop it, the fish kept surging on.

This was a big thresher; it jumped out about four times. I knew I was in trouble as it was about 4m long, mostly tail, but damn, those tails flick. I found out during one jump/breach close to the boat when it tried to slap me.

This tug of war went on for about 23 minutes at 70% drag on the new reel. When I heard the scuba whistle, I knew I had to get this fish in or lose the battle. I tightened up the drag again and dug in, but either the assist or the hook snapped, and I lost the fight. But wow, what a rush—23 minutes of 70% drag and a tug of war to retrieve the line while driving the boat.

All in all, the Tasline is amazing; the new IRT 800 DD (double drag), with 37 kgs of drag, held up, and my arms were a little longer. Great fun.

Afterwards, I picked up the divers and then we went and got some easy fish. It was a great day on the water on the Storm Petrel—good banter and good food.

Tight lines everyone,

Jason Grimmett

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