Big snapper off the rocks: The Lateral Line July 2023

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Nathan & Milan

In this episode, Nato initially spots rain in the forecast, anticipating a tough few days. However, Milan's meticulous weather analysis reveals incredible conditions—low swell, minimal wind, and the rain prediction turns out to be incorrect!


Welcome to The Lateral Line, an online fishing show presented by Milan Radonich and Nathan O’Hearn, 2 best mates better described as brothers.

They both have a genuine love and respect for everything that New Zealand's outdoors has to offer and have been fishing together for over 15 years!

The Lateral Line is all about being out in the wide open spaces with good mates, for days at a time, soaking in New Zealand’s beautiful scenery, laughing out loud, and having as much fun as possible while trying to catch something to cook and eat.

Throw in a few big Yellowtail Kingfish and the odd big Snapper and the boys are living their best lives.

Subscribe to the channel for bi-monthly (15th and 30th) fishing adventure, full of good food, and stunning landscapes with a couple of good mates having lots of laughs while fishing.


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