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Bay of Islands Christmas Report

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Hi guys and gals, a very merry Christmas to you all from Days Out Charters If its snapper that you are after, the inner reefs are on fire with large amounts of school fish. Along with them, the males (with the dark chins) are in very good numbers, and its going fire up even better once the ladies come into the breeding areas.

Catching the bite has been pretty difficult at times. It’s a hard one to pick with no real bite time indicator other than being out there waiting for it to happen!

When it’s on, it’s on, and often you just have to be patient, it will happen eventually and some patience is required.

The bait is the key.  Once you have tanked a heap of live bait (which can still be caught over towards the Kemp Passage or over at mosquito point) don’t be afraid to but a big bait out.  The moochers love them ;-p

Over the next few weeks it’s going to get very busy with huge amounts of boat traffic.

You will need to be on your guard and keep a close eye out for potential accidents.

If there are a lot of boats drifting, don’t come racing in and drop your anchor without expecting to hear a whole new version of the English language!!

Most important, enjoy you day out, be safe and have fun.

The weeks ahead will be a fishing bonanza anywhere from Tapeka point to Whale rock and all the inner reefs.

For you kingfish addict's, the 71 metre reef is the hit, and also up the coast of rocky point would be a good place to start, either with jigs or live baits. BUT….there are lots of bronze whalers around so get your fish up quickly if you can.

Tight lines

Regards Darren

PS: Feel free to ring me if you are out on the water and havin a hard day 😉😉🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣


Snapper charter prices are $135 per person, five hours morning or afternoon kick off.

Kingfish charters start at $285 per person for seven hours.

Private charters: $1300 snapper (8 max)

Private charters: $1600 kingfish (6 max)

All day  snapper kingfish $2400  (10 max)

We look forward to seeing you on board!



Darren Knapping - Days Out Fishing 0210 860 4019

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