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Bay of Plenty 29 July
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Well needless to say it’s really been a bit of a rubbish few weeks, but that is far from unusual for the middle of winter. In fact, after spending twenty years fishing the region, July and August are always the two lowest months for trip logs.

That’s not to say it’s a total bust though, as winter is prime time for targeting the deepwater species, and we can now expect to be chasing the southern bluefin as they make their way up from Gisborne heading north.

Or usually do!  This year seems to be pretty dry on that front at the moment, and although it’s not something we do as a regular charter, talking to some pretty competent anglers who have been out there fishing the Rangatiras, and the line from White Island to Mayor where we normally expect the run, they reported a big old zero action despite a lot of effort.  

The odd occasion we have managed a fish has worked out pretty well, with half decent snapper and some nice terakihi coming on board from out around the 80 metre mark back of Motiti.  The trick is just to spot a little decent blob of foul on the sounder, and it’s astounding just how many fish this will attract and hold.

Inshore the winter snapper are still out and about from 18 – 30 metres towards Karewa, and there’s still the odd good fish in the harbour, although you’ve more chance of getting a decent trevally there at the moment, as it’s a good time for the bigger models of this fine eating and fighting species.

Gurnard are about in good size and numbers off the sand as well, so smaller baits pinned to the bottom on running rigs can turn up a good feed of carrots if you get the current running and find the right ledge.

Looking forward to some warmth and sunshine, but another month of winter to still go!




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