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Russ Hawkins

Fat Boy Charters

Tauranga 21st June 2024
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Seriously solid gemfish

Despite challenging weather conditions, fishos are finding success with notable catches along Papamoa and Matakana Island, while upcoming boat ramp fees warrant question.

As many of us know, we are often reluctant to go fishing when it's not only rough but also cold. However, the best part is that the boat ramps are pretty empty, so there's plenty of parking.

The reports I've received, which are few and far between, have been positive. In close along Papamoa and towards Matakana Island, near Karewa Island, there has been some nice snapper at around the 2 to 3 kg mark. A pleasant surprise for two anglers in that particular area was a “bycatch” of seven nice gurnard.

The anglers who have travelled to the Waihau Bay areas have had some great results with the run of tuna—not big fish, but around the nice size of 40 odd kilos. One crew of three reached their limit of one each by 9 am! The reliable old tarakihi still seem to be in the deeper areas of 80 meters plus, and for some reason, the area known as the “Middle Ground” halfway to Motiti Island has not really produced much in the last few years, whereas in the past, it was our go-to area and not far to travel.

My suggestion would be perhaps the Penguin Shoals areas, where you may get a good variety of fish, including snapper, tarakihi, and pink mao mao, with the odd big porae in the mix.

I have not had any information from the deep water (Bass, Hapuku, Bluenose fishers) as the weather has not been too favourable.

Finally, from next month (July), the Tauranga City Council will be charging $20.00 for all local boat ramps each time you launch your boat; it also appears that if you are a local ratepayer, you can pay an annual fee of $200.00. The old user-pays syndrome, and we have just had a new skateboard area finished at a cost just under five million, with no admission fees at all—interesting stuff for sure.


Russ Hawkins

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