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Central North Island: 1st December 2023
Note: If map is showing it is created by LINZ / New Zealand Hydrographic Authority and made available by Creative Commons 3.0. Maps should not be used for navigation

Fishing on the great lake has been excellent this month, with a variety of well-conditioned fish, particularly effective jigging results, successful early morning harling in shallower waters, and promising fly fishing in local rivers and backcountry, all amidst a backdrop of fluctuating weather and anticipation for a lively summer season.

Fishing on the great lake has started with a hiss and a roar this month with some very good conditioned fish appearing and spewing out smelt. There is obviously a mixture of fish out there at this time of the year but compared to the past couple of years November is going really well. All methods seem to be working well although it is a bit early for the thermocline to develop but jigging has produced some really good results exceptionally early. Staying on the move is the key to all methods and trying different depths to find the fish is key.

Early morning harlers are having some great sport in the shallower waters and heading out to the drop offs with the jigging gear once the sun is up has been very successful.

The wind has been very changeable and blustery gusts are to be expected late spring. There is always a bay or shelter somewhere on the lake to get out of the worst of the wind.  

Fly fishing has been building up nicely as we head towards summer, mind you have to deal with fluctuating river levels at this time of the year. Local rivers have responded well to the dry/dropper technique in the shallower riffles now and up the shallower edges of the rivers. Sporadic mayfly hatches on the warmer days are now common and the evening rise is becoming more consistent on the calm and warmer evenings.

Some exceptional browns are now entering the system and numbers can be seen building up steadily.

The first lupins flowered this week which always gets me excited as it is a signal I like for starting to look in earnest foe smelters on the lake edge.

Backcountry rivers are looking in great shape now and the fish condition I have seen has been quite remarkable for so early in the season.

River mouths will start to perform now that smelt and bullies appear in the cooler water and trout will follow them in and you will expect good numbers of marauding fish joining in the fun.

The smaller lakes are all going well between the gales and rain with some of the fish caught in the last week being in magnificent condition considering it is so earl after spawning.

A long hot summer is predicted but also lots of wind and tropical storms. I cannot be any worse then last year!!

Hopefully we get an overdue cicada year, there’s plenty of moisture in the ground so with hot days and wind that will get them on the water!!

Tight lines from the team at Fly & Gun Hunting and Fishing. Look forward to seeing you out there.

Stop Exotic Caulerpa!

Stop the spread of exotic caulerpa seaweed. If boating in the upper North Island, check your anchor and gear before moving location and if you find any seaweed, Bag it, Bin it! Legal controls are in place at Great Barrier Island, Great Mercury Island and Bay of Islands.


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