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Central North Island - Freshwater
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The long awaited, and some may say overdue, runs of winter spawners has officially started here in Taupo.

It's not quite full-on quite yet, but certainly fish are coming through in intermittent smaller pods.

Most rivers are seeing some excellent conditioned fish being caught and those that are on the rivers at this early part of winter will stand a very good chance of catching their biggest fish of the season, as those big mature spawning fish push through before the big runs really get going.

As always seems to happen, the smaller rivers get going earliest, with the Hine firing for a few weeks after a slow start.

The TT has become popular early this year as the Tongariro has had high levels to contend with over the last few months but thankfully it has settled to a regular flow.

As I write this, the first frosts are arriving, always a sign that things are about to happen.

I would advise visitors stay on the move throughout the day as present runs can be quite spasmodic.

Keep an eye on the weather as several factors can increase your chances of catching these silver bars straight out of the lake. Low pressure, rain, and westerly winds can usually initiate the urge to run.

Once again this year lots of interest in different techniques of winter fishing as opposed to the traditional wet lining or indicator style are being looked at.

Czech nymph or “Euro Style” fishing has continued to acquire a big following.

However, I would say the most exciting and enjoyable way of catching a trout in the winter has to be the “spey” technique. It is relatively new in NZ but for those of us who have fished for salmon and sea trout with spey rods know only to well how addictive this technique can be.

Modern spey is so easy to learn, no need for 13-15 foot rods with 40 yard double taper lines that take months or years to perfect. We now have shorter lighter rods tailored for trout and short compact heads that can get you to the other side of the Tongariro with a few hours practice.

Add a small selection of sink tips to get your flies down to the required depth in most situations and you are set to go. I would have to say that is the most relaxing and exciting way of winter fishing there is. As the say “the tug is the drug”, try it you will see what I mean!!

For the nymphers we are at present seeing the rivers lowish and clear so smaller indicators, lighter tippet, and natural patterns such as Caddis, Pheasant Tail, and Hares Ear variants in size 14 and 16 should be the ticket.

As we get more rain and heavier flows the eggs will become more available to trout and be very much on the menu.

So everything is looking good for another amazing season in our stunning Taupo region!!

Remember the new season Taupo license is required from 1st July.

Taupo angler Kelly with a cracker rainbow from the Hinemaiaia

Tight lines from the crew at Fly and Gun Hunting and Fishing Taupo.

Contact: taupo@huntfish.co.nz

Phone: +64 7 378 4449

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