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Central North Island: Freshwater
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Well with February hopefully a memory to mostly forget, we look forward to the sun shining a little longer as it has finally started to do.

Consequently, not too much to report from the lake but as expected DOC confirmed that the lake never actually formed a firm thermocline at all this summer, which is why the jigging has been so protracted.

Those that have stayed on the move and have persisted have been rewarded with some cracking fish.

The harlers and trollers have probably had more consistent sport as they cover such an array of different depths that would cover the shoals of smelt marauding trout that are very much spread throughout the water column with there being no hard thermocline to concentrate them at depths. Lots of better quality fish are being caught now as well as the recovering fish and I expect the condition of the fish to improve very quickly as we head into autumn.

Fly fishing in the region has also been affected as high levels have remained on local and back country rivers and are now just starting to become fishable.

The other issue has been access to and from but this hasl argely been addressed so a big shout out must go to the crews that have been involved in that effort.

Unfortunately to add salt to the wound what was heading towards an exceptional cicada year was denied by the two big weather systems that put paid to that and shut the hatch down very quickly.

Once the rivers finally clear and drop I am sure that the fish will rise up for a big stimmie for at least another month.

I had an exceptional opportune few hours on the Tongariro just last week and found the Passion Hopper going full on with fish rising everywhere.

Mainly smaller fish at the moment but am sure that as the insect activity increases the bigger fish will start pushing the smaller fish to the back of the queue. The last few seasons the hopper hatch has been quite phenomenal on lots of rivers and continued well into April. Lets hope the weather plays ball for a little while now.

The Tongariro goes to natural flow this week so will be high again and worth noting will be susceptible to higher flows if rain comes. It should be great wet line water and may encourage some early runners.

Lake O has now reopened and as usual it has been kind to those that know the lake and indifferent to those that are not familiar with her moods. Some cracking fish have been caught in the short time it has been open including a magnificent 11 ½ lb rainbow caught by regular Taupo angler Austin Harris.

Further afield to the Whanganui and Whakapapa rivers are now at really good levels and have been fishing really well with some very hungry fish smashing big dry flies.

If the weather finally holds for us then we should be in for a very good end of summer/autumn period.

Tight lines from the team and Fly & Gun Hunting and Fishing

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