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Central North Island: Freshwater
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The lake fishing this last couple of weeks has really started to fire up. As predicted, like everything else this summer, it is happening late.

We have had good reports of cracking fish being caught jigging at 35-45metres that have been gorging on smelt and bullies.

They seem to be gaining condition daily, a far cry from the skinny fish being caught over the past few months.

Downriggers are also doing the damage now at 140 feet, particularly on spotty gold Tasmanian devils, tobies and chinook lures.

Huge amounts of smelt can be seen swimming close to shore at various locations around the lake.

This trend looks set to continue for at least another month as we head towards winter.

Fly fishing in the area is in that transitional period from summer to winter.

All rivers are fishable and running at good levels.

The odd period of rain is just starting to push a few squirts of fresh spawners up the rivers but you really have to be “Johnny on the spot” to intercept these at this time of the year.

Most rivers have reported some early pockets going through.

Small nymphs and wets are going well along with a cautious summer approach with longer finer leaders and small indicators the go. There can be some good dry fly dropper action to be had in the riffles as well. The odd mayfly hatch on the warmer windless days can be expected over the next month or so don’t give up the dry fly box yet.

River mouths are starting to fire up now as the temps start to drop. A day or night mission is well worth a go with small smelt flies and olive bully type buggers during the day, and bigger darker flies at night, and for the deeper areas boobie type patterns all worth a go.

The smaller lakes continue to fish exceptionally well through the autumn period with the long cool windy summer season leading to some of the best fishing in years especially Rotoaira and Kuratau.

Lake O can be fickle at the best of times and at this back end can even be more so as fish numbers decrease from the lake as they begin to head off to spawn.

For those prepared to put the hours in it can produce some cracking back end specimens.

Hopefully the signs from the lake mean we are in for another good winter here in Taupo but could we get it any better than last year is the question?

Bring it on!

Tight lines from the team at Fly & Gun Hunting and Fishing.

Report provided by Hunting & Fishing Taupo

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