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Kawhia / Raglan - 01-11-19

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Things are definitely heating up out west with consistent results each day we are out. Maybe not limit bags every trip, but very solid fish are coming on board and we are seeing a lot of smiles from our customers with the numbers and size so what more could you ask for?

The weather and lack of traffic out of Raglan really self manages looking after the future fishery.  That's why you really get a unique experience out this way, with no two days ever the same.

If you're after something different to your normal east coast adventures, check us out for a day trip or even a half day and you won't regret seeing the awesome wild west.

Fish seem to have moved further north and/or south of Albatross Point now, and we are moving about more to find them off the bar leads or further north finding patches in the 45-55 meters zone.

We had a slowish start for a few days but once the tide turned to out going the bite was on.

Looks as we have a pretty good spell of weather on the horizon starting this Sunday and maybe for the whole week fingers crossed.  

Let us know if you are interested in an early staff Christmas trip before the bookings fill up :-)



Rob FitzGerald is owner and skipper of Venturer Fishing Charters, operating out of Kawhia.

Venturer fishing charters

Check Venturer Fishing Charters Kawhia out on Facebook or online -

For tackle, tips and charter options contact Rob Fitzgerald.

Ph 07 8711717 or 0272544589 or email

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