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Well its been a busy few weeks but this week has been a no go due to the big storm in the southern ocean that's been sending some pretty big waves our way, despite our weather been pretty nice up here.

On a positive note prior to this, the fishing has been off the the dial some days, with limits caught in a very short time and fish to really nice sizes.

Most days we are putting a smile on someone's face with their PB snapper between 16-20lb.

The snapper have been very soft on the bite over the new moon, you really have to fish for them. Small, tentative bites don't necessarily mean small fish.

Once you put some weight on them they can suddenly grow up a bit to anything up to 20lb.

Small baits in this situation work best as they have to eat the whole thing in one go.

We have still been fishing inthe 50-60 meters zone from Albatross point to off the bar leads.

We have also been getting a good mix of by-catch, including kahawai, gurnard, trevally and the odd terakihi.

Also there are a few nasties about at times, baracouta, spiney dogs and mako sharks give us a few problems taxing fish and gear.

Early next week the weather looks to be coming right again, so we look forward to seeing you out there.

Rob FitzGerald is owner and skipper of Venturer Fishing Charters, operating out of Kawhia.

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