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Wellington Kayak Fishing

Wellington 27 March 2024
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Sunday 'funday' misson off Makara beach.

After a week of mixed of northerly and southerly winds, formulating a fishing plan proved challenging. The east coast was experiencing a 2-knot current, but it was accompanied by a 1.6 to 2-meter swell rolling straight in from the east. So, after much discussion in our kayak group to plan a trip, we decided to give Tora a miss and head to Makara Beach instead.

We planned to launch at 7 am as the sun rose. Myself, along with four other kayakers, met and prepared for the day. The plan was to paddle north, jigging for kingfish and snapper all the way past Boom Rock, then let the current carry us south for the return journey.

With only juvenile 'ratty' kings, ranging from 50cm to 70ish, occupying our time, we decided to venture out deeper in search of snapper and cod. After landing a few larger kahawai and small cod, I located the snapper and cod.

There’s nothing quite like spotting the fish, dropping a jig, and watching it work, seeing the fish move towards it. The other guys caught kings, snapper, blue cod, and trevally.

The tide turned, and we began our drift south from past Boom Rock, around the 60-70m mark. The jig I mainly used was the Boss Squid Lumo, Deep V, Double Trouble.

I still hadn't had a decent fish on the new combo – the IRT800 on the Catch Spin Jig 150-gram.

As I drifted, I noticed some promising signs and dropped the Ninja Double Trouble down, slowly working the jig. The fish approached (it's fantastic when it's so clear you can see the jig and fish moving). A quick little redrop of a few meters, then adjust the drag, flip the bail arm over, and watch it load up. Boom – a good fish on.

It had me puzzled at first as to what it was. It made powerful runs, but as soon as it started to go in circles, I had a hunch it was a trevally. As I smoothly landed the fish, thoughts of the ceviche my wife makes with home-grown herbs and tomatoes came to mind – absolutely delicious.

Back home, I filleted the fish. My daughters enjoyed homemade chips and tempura snapper, while we indulged in tempura Bluff oysters followed by the ceviche.

Cervice dinner

In summary, it was an amazing day on the water with the guys, and the new reel was nearly put through its paces.

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