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Kawhia and Raglan 26th May
Note: If map is showing it is created by LINZ / New Zealand Hydrographic Authority and made available by Creative Commons 3.0. Maps should not be used for navigation

Fishing is still very much simmering away, despite the wintery weather. There are the usual days that are a bit slower than others, but on the whole still going pretty strong, particularly on the snapper.

The fish seem to be spread all over the place, so keep an eye on the sounder as you travel.

Aotea Reef is fishing very well at times, but then is inexplicably quiet, its either on fire or not, so if you’re giving it a go you have options to wait out the bite, or probably best, head off in search of better ground.

Having a look around the reef to find holding fish is a great start. It’s often better to invest in a little recon before committing to the anchor.

The main rock has had good numbers but should only be fished in low swell as you can get the odd surprise swell and it may not end well if you’re on a firm anchor.

A good variety of species can be caught there, including trevally, kingfish and even blue cod.

School sharks can be a problem at times though, and you may need to move if they set in.

Forty metres towards Gannet Island can be a good bet for snapper and gurnard, and there’s often kahawai in healthy numbers too.

The southwest reef about four miles southwest of Gannet Island in 65-70 metres can be very good at this time of year for snapper, red snapper, terakihi, bluecod, and kingfish are all on the menu out there.

This reef can be hard to find if you don’t know the place, so if you’re new, take the time then you can mark on your own electronics for easier access next time.

There are a few big rocks that initially look appealing, but i find the smaller ones actually fish best.

Have a look around on the sounder it’s well worth the effort.

Further south of here on the sand 60-70 meters is holding fish nothing really big but good pannies and can be very fast fishing.

Just the usual baits, barracoutta, bonito, squid all working well.

Weather for the next short while is looking pretty average, but that’s no news this year.  Here’s hoping we have a more settled mid-winter.

Typical raglan pannies ;-p



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