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Bay of Plenty 1 July
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It seems every fishing report in recent times starts with commentary about the weather, and at the moment, why not?

To take it in a positive direction, the El Nino pattern that is supposedly coming with its dry winds is supposed to be starting now, so hold your breath and things might just mellow out and allow some decent fishing.

Next week, in fact, there looks like a good window opening up that will allow the tuna chasers to get out wide.

As per usual this time of year, the bluefin run is in full swing.  Last week the easterly wind patterns were pretty good for Waihau Bay and some good fish over 100kg were boated, including a stray yellowfin.

Traditionally there’s another few weeks of fishing and pretty soon the tuna start making their way up through the bay of Plenty and will be caught out at the Rangatiras and wider 1000 plus metre contour lines.

Closer in there are still tuna being caught including bigeye, so it’s always worth a go if you are out wide perhaps heading for the puka grounds.

There’s been some decent puka and bass fishing out at the Mayor Knolls in the structure south-east of the main island in 300 – 250 metres, which is a real hike but often what it takes to get these deep dwellers.  

In close, snapper fishing is still going well with some lovely winter conditioned fish turning up in 20 metres or less.  Great news for the small boat, kayak, and land based kon tiki crew.

The harbour seems to have quietened down for sure, after a good snapper run, but there will still be a few lurking amongst the winter trev population.

Tarakihi fishing is usually pretty good this time of year, particularly a bit deeper.  We did well at Penguin Shoals and the Pinnacles (about 27kms out on the way to Mayor) and fishing sign around the 80-metre mark.

It’s often well worth a jig for kingies out here too, and the colder months usually suffer less shark tax if you’re lucky enough to hook a few.

The water temp is way down to 14 degrees in some places so it’s truly wintery, but if you’re braving it, tight lines and take care.




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