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Bay of Plenty: May/June
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Well, it may have been a pretty crook summer, and autumn to boot, but one thing that seems to be the shining light is some damn good snapper fishing. In fact, it’s some of the best snapper fishing I can recall for this time of year in quite a while.

In particular, around the south – eastern end of Motiti there’s been a lot of solid fish 55cm plus coming on board, mostly from around the knoll area, with good success coming from fishing the current with stray lines.

Snapper fishing inshore has been really good at times, with plenty of good fish from kon-tikis, surf casting and kayak fishing off Papamoa all the way up the coast to north of Matakana.

There’s even been some really great snapper fishing in the harbour entrance, the longest snapper season in the harbour I’ve seen.  

There’s some really solid 50cm plus fish coming from the harbour mouth which is awesome.

As we expect this time of year there’s been some good trevs near the Hunter’s Creek area, around the change of tide.

There’s also good live bait-sized kahawai to be caught just off the pipi bank on the west of the harbour in only around two to three metres of water.

The odd gurnard coming in off the sand is also a welcome addition to the pot.

One thing that seems to have reduced in numbers this ‘summer’ we will call it, has been the number of sharks.  We tag bronze whalers and this summer the numbers have been way down on the past years, a welcome bit of news for many.

Tarakihi fishing has been going ok on the occasions when we have gotten out there.  The Pinnacles, and more so the eighty-metre area between Motiti and Schooner again, seem to be holding plenty of good fish.

The key to success seems to be using smaller hooks and baits.  Those on bigger hooks were struggling, whereas the guys fishing wee hooks and little cubes of mullet, squid strips, and tuatua were picking fish sometimes three at a time on dropper rigs.

Kingfish-wise we have not seen a lot of action, the best being off Honey Rock (Off Honeymoon Bay) where we managed to pick up some reasonable fish on jigs, and a few rats that had to go back.

Out wide, everyone will have their favourite spots and deep drop season is almost upon us, with prospecting around the mayor knolls being the likely productive ground anywhere from 150 to 300 metres.


We have had some joy with the Catch Giant Squidwings lures, which go well with a bit of bait on the bottom hook, and if you lose the bait, they are still effective rather than dangling naked hooks.

These lures are a bit slower to get down than a normal jig, with all the drag, so if there is a bit of current try the 750 gram version.

Hopefully we see some settled weather approaching, as the bluefin run is about to pop around the corner from Waihau Bay if history is anything to go on, and the mid-winter game fishing window will open for a few weeks for those keen to head further out.


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